FEIN Canada

FEIN Canada has endeavored to follow closely in the footsteps of FEIN's history and tradition by offering the Canadian market quality products supported by a high level of expertise and customer service.

FEIN Canada is the declared solution provider, as confirmed by professionals. 
Working to develop the world’s second largest geographic country has not been without its challenges. FEIN Canada has grown from a one man, one location operation to a much bigger company with offices located in Oakville Ontario supporting sales personnel across the country. Many of the current team members have been with FEIN Canada for many years, enabling us to offer an extremely high level of expertise and customer service; to effectively and efficiently develop the Canadian market. The result is success in achieving a solid position within the Canadian market, reinforcing and gaining recognition in Canadian industry as their application specialists.

We value our customers and are dedicated to our commitment to provide you with:

  • Products and systems that deliver solutions
  • Expertise gained from over 50 years of extensive industry experience in Canada
  • A technically trained sales force - hands on and in the field
  • Strong customer service and technical support
  • A proven distribution network


Slugger Cutting Paste 10 oz. Tube 0010205Slugger Cutting Paste 10 oz. Tube 0010205Product#: 32160015980

Best of E-Cut StarlockPlus WOOD + METAL- N09Best of E-Cut StarlockPlus WOOD + METAL- N09Product#: 35222942080

Best of E-Cut StarlockMAX WOOD + METALBest of E-Cut StarlockMAX WOOD + METALProduct#: 35222967050

Best of Starlock RENOVATIONBest of Starlock RENOVATIONProduct#: 35222967060